Our Why

Here for what’s real and what matters.

UniCrew began in 2014 as a simple idea connecting Otago students with the community through volunteering and social impact opportunities. Since then, we’ve enjoyed every minute of matchmaking - connecting the time, energy and talents of students with community organisations and causes that that matter the most.

We are here for real issues that matter in the community and here to build purposeful, community-driven projects alongside being the channel for community and student engagement.

How We Do It

Volunteering and good citizenship are a part of our university culture.

Opportunities through volunteering allows students to find ways to connect and understand the role of active citizenship in community while developing skills that can only be found outside of university lecture halls.

With over 200 organisations registered with UniCrew, we always have something for everyone, as well as:

  • Activities that go for a long while, a short while

  • One-off or micro-volunteer events

  • Hands-on to skill-based volunteering

  • A diverse community of like-minded students