We’re making our mark and shedding the light on global issues that matter.


In 2015, world leaders of the UN gathered to set 17 goals that would be complete by 2030. If complete, it would mean the end to poverty, climate change and inequalities in the world and we would be on the road path to a sustainable future.

This journey needs the collective collaboration of government, business and us, as the future generation.


What We’re Doing


We’re Magnifying the Mission

  • By defining every student volunteer project to a goal and its target.

  • And educating student and staff alike on its importance and relevance.

We’re Measuring Our Mark


UniCrew is committed to working towards the Global Goals and its targets by 2030 and we’re measuring our impact along the way.

Contribute to our impact report by sending in your volunteering hours to help outline Otago student impact in the community.