Our Collective Impact

At UniCrew, we choose to connect every volunteering opportunity and community organisation to the United Nation’s global goals in the mission to leave the world at a better place by 2030. By measuring ourselves against these goals, we are able to measure our impact in the global context, find areas of development in which we can improve on and champion sustainable development by educating every young person and organisation in UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

And so, we’re marking our mission. Support us by contributing your volunteering hours to a Sustainable Development Goal below.


Student Impact Contribution Form


  1. Submissions must reflect voluntary contributions by an Otago student/s.

  2. The work must be unpaid or volunteer-based work that involves community engagement.

  3. Must have completed at least 1 full hour of volunteering from 1st January to 31st December 2019.

  4. The opportunity can be on campus or out in the community.

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Full Name
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The community organisation, university department or student club the volunteering is associated with.
The closest Global Goal this role contributed to.
Number of students taking part in the volunteer activity. If submitting individually or for 1 person, please write '1'.
Please enter the TOTAL number of volunteer hours contributed by the number of students entered above (whole numbers only).