Brock Party

  • A collaboration with Otago Response Team to send 70 students to Brockville - an area on the outskirts of Dunedin

  • To lend a helping hand and transform the backyards of former refugee families that have settled in the area



Dunedin Sleep Out 

  • A community event to raise funds for Dunedin Night Shelter

  • We braced the cold and spent a night in Winter to demonstrate our commitment to fight against poverty and homelessness

  • Cardboard forts, fire-spinning lessons, dance parties…

  • 100 students raising around $10,000

The Dunedin Sleep Out is a prime example of what is achieved when you enable the freedom and creativity of students and channel them towards a cause they are passionate about. The Sleep Out is attributed with significantly raising the profile of the Dunedin Night Shelter in the city.
— Dr Rob Thomson, Chair Dunedin Night Shelter Trust


A Do Good Da(y)te 

  • If you ever wanted to volunteer but don’t have a mate to go with — ‘date’ a mate while volunteering hands-on in the community

  • Find meaningful connection among like-minded friends that are beyond the hall and classroom with non-lame icebreakers

  • In 2018, 70 students gathered to meet new people and planted trees on the prominent Signal Hill